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Oct 14 2012


The dreaded Sunday, every teacher’s most feared day of the week. Why? Most teachers spend the entire day mulling over the upcoming week, questioning their┬álevel of preparedness for the week ahead. Sunday can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, it’s a personal choice. I’m going to make this Sunday my best friend, as I prepare for the week ahead and implement some new strategies into my instruction to reach all ability levels. Upon reflecting on my instruction so far, I’ve decided that I need to improve my ability to differentiate instruction. Whatever it takes…

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Oct 13 2012

Good Afternoon and Welcome

Hello Teach For Us Community.┬áThis is my first post on my new Teach For Us blog! I’m a 2012 Houston Corps Member from Boston, MA. I’m very excited to close the achievement gap through a different medium-blogging. The purpose of this blog is to reflect on my experience as a core member and voice my…

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